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3 Technologies to Simplify Your Home Move

Simplify your home

3 Technologies to Simplify Your Home Move

3 Technologies to Simplify Your Home Move

In 2021, we can see that technology has simplified and enhanced almost every area of our
life. How we order food, transport, or move home has been radically changed when
compared to even 10 years ago. Moving home is listed as one of the most stressful
experiences that we go through in our life. So, in this article, we are going to look at three
ways companies are innovating home moving in the UK.
Let’s get started with the most stressful part, the home moving admin.

Update All of Your Addresses Online

Any moving home checklist is usually 30-50 items long. And most of those activities require
us to update our address with lots of different companies – which can often be the same
information repeated. A new company,, has created an online change of
address service which solves this problem. According to SlothMove, moving home admin
can take 7 hours of time. Their moving home service allows users to update their addresses
with multiple providers at the same time.
A challenger to Royal Mail, updating your addresses is very important. There is a time-
saving aspect but also a fraud-mitigation element. Whether you use a change of address
service or contact your suppliers individually, make sure you do complete your updates so
that you get all of your mail.

Speed up the conveyancing process

If you’re buying or selling a home you’ll be familiar with how long the conveyancing process
can be. At House Home Buyers, we can sell your home within only 7 days as opposed to the
3-6 months it typically takes with a conveyancer. If you are purchasing/selling through the
traditional means, there are new prop-tech innovators who are looking to simplify that
process. Apps such as Breezemove, bring both buyer/seller and their legal teams together
into one system for the sale, reducing the drop-out. That said, it’s important to remember that if
you’re a seller the rise of fast-around cash purchases can save you 6 months of time and
equate the same cash value.

Buy a larger house

For the longest time, the home you could afford was limited to your deposit + how much you
could borrow. This works great for many people, however, with rising house prices outpacing
the increase in salaries, some buyers find themselves priced out of the market. To solve this
problem, Proportunity has integrated an equity loan to enable you to purchase more. This
enables buyers to broaden their purchasing radius and remit – perhaps landing an additional
bedroom, a larger garden or even moving closer to the town they want. According to the
website, buyers may be able to have access to funds up to £150,000 extra. This comes with
a 5% deposit, enabling you to buy more for less.
Whilst this does make properties more affordable, you should always be mindful of the level
of debt you’re taking on. You will, of course, need to pay that back. And it is very easy to be
caught up in the excitement of buying a home that you don’t count the cost. With that in
mind, for sensible buyers, this can be a great option.
And that’s a glimpse of how the prop-tech landscape in the UK is evolving. Technology is
revolutionizing many industries and the property market is not being left behind. So, the next
time you’re moving make sure you look online to see how your life can be made easier.

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