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10 tips to sell your house fast

10 tips to sell your house fast


When it comes to selling your property fast, it’s all about the price and presentation of your house. Here are 10 tips to sell your house fast.


A house is the biggest purchase we will ever make and the biggest asset we own. When we decide to sell up we want the best price possible for it and this should be possible under the right circumstances. If you go on  the market with an “everything will be ok” attitude you will struggle to achieve the best possible price and to sell house fast.

I mean would you sell your car and not get it valeted first ? No, you wouldn’t, so why would you put your house on the market if it’s not in tip-top condition.

Now put yourself in the buyers’ shoes, he/she needs to picture themselves living in your house, it’s not about luck. It’s about creating the right environment, so they can’t resist. Make sure each room in the house is used to its full potential for example if its a 2 bedroom property and you have one of the bedrooms as a storage room it defeats the object of having a second bedroom.

Also, expect thawhen going on the open market to make time to go out of your way to accommodate any potential buyers. It might take multiple viewings and can be tiresome and needs to be at a time convenient to the buyer, not just the seller.


1. Kerb appeal, landscaping and tidying up your garden can make the world of difference. Remember you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression and buyers love the fact that there’s one less job to do, whether you get a professional in or you do it yourself.

2. The front door is the main focal point to your kerb appeal, so if it needs a coat of paint or needs replacing this is a must. Make it welcoming put some potted plants either side of the front door. Also during the winter months, some viewings will be done in the twilight hours so make sure they outside light are working, replace if these are broken.

3. The entrance to your house is an important first impression, make sure its declutters and that it’s clear and open for them to enter your property.

Paint it in a neutral colour, the lighting must be up to scratch if not change it, if you feel the entrance needs some colour add it and add some accessories to match the colour.

4. Making your home light is a big factor nobody likes walking into a dark dingy house, change the bulbs to brighter modern ones so your home feels bright, happy and modern.

5. When it comes to painting your house, when you decide to use a colour it is such a personal choice which you might like but potential buyers might not. If you have coloured rooms I would suggest that you repaint in neutral ones.

6. Try to not spend too much money preparing your house for sale, we wouldn’t advise major changes especially in the bathrooms or kitchen. We suggest you change if needs are, door knobs, lighting, mirrors, taps and new faucets. These all help you sell house fast and can be the turning point in your sale.

7. One of the biggest issues when coming to sell house fast is 100% clutter…… now, this is a major no-no. How can you expect a buyer to envisage themselves living in your house when it’s full of clutter if this is the case start de-cluttering and put it all in storage if you don’t have anywhere to put it.

8. Most people have pets. Now some buyers might love them and others have allergies. So make sure your pets are out of the house and not distracting your potential buyers away from your house. People who hate pets will feel uncomfortable and will rush the viewing to make a quick escape. If the buyer is allergic this can put them off the property altogether so remove any sign of the pet any bowls beds etc…

9. Now the back garden is a hub for entertaining. If your back garden is overgrown and unkempt, loose slabs and gravel everywhere, this is a not good impression and more work for any buyer which can put them off and prevent the opportunity to sell house fast.

10 .Cleanliness is next to godliness and buyers expect to see an immaculately clean house with no signs of any dirt. Wash up, make sure the kitchen is pristine and clutter free everything put away. This is the same for the bedrooms if you have kids its now time for them to clean their rooms, no dirty laundry should be left on the floor. Buyers want to walk around a clean home that smells good, get some air fresheners or plugins.

The main point which we have left out and this is a major point and one which determines you to sell house fast is……. PRICE. When going to market id suggest getting a few estate agents around to give you several prices which might vary. Do some research on the property market in and around your area and determine a competitive price which to go on the market for. Nobody wants to sit on the market for months on end without any viewings. Hopefully, if you do most or all of the 10 tips we have given you, we would expect you to sell house fast and be able to get on with your lives and move into your dream home.

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